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Cat Chow Cat Food Chicken, 15 LB Bag

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Tending to your cat's nutritional needs is easy with Purina Cat Chow Complete dry cat food. Made with real chicken and other wholesome ingredients, this recipe delivers the four cornerstones of nutrition: protein, carbohydrates, essential fatty acids, and vitamins and minerals. Protein helps support her strong muscles and provides a primary source of energy. Healthy carbs, including grains, supply another source of vital energy to help your feline maintain her active lifestyle. Cats also need special nutrients to keep them healthy and help their coats shine. Our Complete Formula includes essential fatty acids that help your cat's skin and coat look and feel its best. With 25 vitamins and minerals in every serving, this dry cat food provides support for her immune health to help her live a long, happy life with you. Each serving contains high-quality ingredients cooked with care in the USA, so you can feel confident every time you fill her dish. Feed your pet dry cat foods according to the serving instructions based on her weight, life stage, and activity level to help your feline maintain an ideal body condition. Make this recipe part of her daily feeding routine. You want to know that your cat is getting quality nutrition at every stage of life, and that's why we strive to make quality the top ingredient in every product we create. Purina Cat Chow is backed by industry-leading quality along with 90 years of experience in pushing pet nutrition forward as a whole. Our team of experts checks each batch of this dry cat food throughout the production process, giving your cat a meal you can feel proud to serve every day. Look to our complete line of Purina Cat Chow recipes to meet the nutritional needs of every cat in your feline family, including Purina Cat Chow Gentle Formula with a highly digestible formula to help support your cat's sensitive system or Purina Kitten Chow.


  • Made with real chicken
  • High-quality protein to support strong muscles
  • Healthy carbs help to deliver vital energy
  • 25 vitamins and minerals to help support her overall health, including a healthy immune system
  • Essential fatty acids support her healthy skin and coat
  • Formulated for all life stages
  • Delivers 100% complete and balanced nutrition
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Product Name Cat Chow Cat Food Chicken, 15 LB Bag
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Size 15 LB Bag
Product Types Dry Food
Animal Type Cat
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