Snow Control Long Lasting Ice Melt, 880-0050, 50 LB

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Snow Control brand granular ice melt is a medium sized granular de-icing particle containing sodium chloride with a magnesium chloride coating plus AMC. Snow Control ice melter is a free-flowing and performance driven alternative to straight rock salt or other low value ice melting products. Snow Control maximizes your budget dollars by offering extended melting periods, which means fewer applications. It assures an extended residual melting effect. Snow Control is dyed green, providing visual evidence of the spread rate and spread pattern, both of which are key to reducing over-application.


  • Melts long into the winter storm
  • Melts to -5°F
  • Long lasting melting action
  • Provides safe, fast, effective, and economical melting
  • Starts to works on contact
  • Green colored granules for easy application, high visibility, and proper placement
  • For Use on Sidewalks, Steps, Driveways and Parking Lots
  • Medium sized granular particle blend containing magnesium chloride and sodium chloride
  • Coated with AMC that ignites melting power
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More Information
Product Name Snow Control Long Lasting Ice Melt, 880-0050, 50 LB
Online Item 10002
Bomgaars SKU 05661203
Size 50 LB
Product Types Ice Melt
Country of Manufacture United States
Part Number 880-0050
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