BONIDE Annual® Grub Beater® Granules, 60319, 18 LB

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Is your lawn turning brown…..Grubs might be the cause. They eat grass roots, which means the grass can’t absorb water from the soil and support the lush, green grass. The green grass blades turn brown and die. In April or May adult grubs come up to the surface after spending the winter months deep underground. It’s difficult to treat spring grubs, even with chemicals, because they’re so large and developed. Those grubs soon grow into adult beetles and fly away from the soil mid-June, sometimes mid-May in hotter climates. They lay eggs during this time. If it’s Japanese beetles, they’ll also spend this time eating all your garden plants. Then, in August or September, those eggs begin to hatch into a new wave of grubs. These grubs are very young and fragile, making this the perfect time for treatments. At the same time, all the adult beetles die out after living for around 40 days. The second wave of grubs will feed on your lawn’s roots until around October when the weather starts to get cold. They go underground to spend the winter. Next spring, those grubs will come out again, and the cycle will repeat. Now is the time to apply Bonide Grub Beater. BONIDE Annual® Grub Beater® is an annual application that takes control all-year round. Kills grubs, European crane fly larvae, mole crickets, and other listed insects. Apply anytime of the year.

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Product Name BONIDE Annual® Grub Beater® Granules, 60319, 18 LB
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