Marketing Q & A's

Bomgaars Marketing Department

The Bomgaars Advertising/Marketing Department brings many opportunities to our vendors and our customers. We currently run approximately 52 major advertisements a year, including multi-page tabs, bucket sales, and bag sales. Our flyers get inserted into over 100+ newspapers reaching out to over hundreds of thousands customers from the Midwest to the Rockies.

Bomgaars can also be seen/heard in radio campaigns, on billboards, television, signage, newspaper ads, retail bags, gift card tags, brand merchandise, and specialty shows throughout the region. We strongly encourage vendors to get involved through vendor participation.


Marketing Resources

For Any Marketing Needs please contact ADVERTISING > at the Corporate Office.

Partner With Bomgaars

We would like for you to partner with us!

We offer the following vendor partnerships: 

  • TV Spots
  • Flyer Spots
  • SOLE Vendor Wraps
  • Bomgaars Best Buys Flyer
  • Sack (In-Store)
  • Gift Card Rack Tags
  • Web / Social

If you are interest in any of the above Partnerships - please contact your Bomgaars Merchandise Manager Today!


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