We carry over 57,000 products at our stores, and everyday we are adding new and better products, and products lines. Look over our store department line-ups, and you will see the most respected names in the industry. We strive to stock our stores with the products you need, when you need it.

Springtime at Bomgaars means fencing, field seed, sprayers and pumps, grass seed, mowers and tillers, and stacks of fertilizer, herbicides and insecticides. The greenhouse fills with flowers, vegetables and herbs. Shrubs and trees arrive by the truckload in all the popular varieties. Grills and lawn furniture come out with the landscaping supplies. When the days get warmer, you’ll find water hoses, bug sprays, dehumidifiers, fans and air conditioners.

When Autumn approaches we move in supplies for weatherizing your home and car plus insulated clothing to keep you warm, and we stock an arsenal of tools for winning the battle over winter, like heaters, shovels, ice scrapers and snowthrowers. Then, holiday decorations and Toyland take over center stage. With One Stop at Bomgaars, you can do your Christmas shopping for the whole family and pick up everything you need to deal with cold weather.

Our Major Departments are listed in the side navigation of this page.  Please feel free to browse the departments, and watch for updates in the near future.