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  1. Bomgaars BLOG: Why Use Repellents?

    Bomgaars BLOG: Why Use Repellents?
    Repels-All Animal Repellent

    Bomgaars BLOG: Why use repellents?

    Animal repellents came about because the animals were doing things that became a nuisance to humans.  To stop these behaviors, animal repellents came to be.


    How do you measure the success of an animal repellent?

    A repellent can be considered a success if it changes the animal’s behavior, i.e. if a deer is eating the hostas and applying the repellent stops the deer from eating them, the repellent has worked even if the deer still come to the yard.

    Initial repellents work by taste.  These repellents had ingredients that tasted bad, i.e. cayenne pepper.  The nuisance animal eats or chews the plant to get the bad taste.

    As repellents evolved they not only tasted bad but ingredients that smelled bad were added, i.e. garlic, fish meal, etc.  Bad smelling repellents would repel if a nuisance animal was using the flower bed as a litter box, sleeping or digging in a garden area.

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  2. April Showers Brings May Flowers | Bomgaars Blog

    April Showers Brings May Flowers | Bomgaars Blog
    April Showers brings May flowers

    This gives us hope that after the rains, spring will burst with colorful Tulips, Azaleas, Cherry Blossoms, Dogwood Trees, Flowering Crabapple Trees and more.

    Bomgaars is Bloomin

    At Bomgaars we celebrate the Bloom! Our stores have their greenhouses filled with the finest flowers, bedding plants, trees and shrubs. And don’t forget we get in a wide variety of lawn and garden ornaments to fill that garden or decorate your yard. Hurry in for a great selection of your favorites.

    But there is something else that catches our attention during spring. Along with that new life filled with the beautiful color and aroma comes the “other” perennials, the dreaded and sometimes belligerent weeds that ruin our flower beds, gardens and our yards so keeping a healthy lawn is key to keeping the yard green this spring!

    Are you creating a healthy lawn and garden? We suggest these 4 MAXLawn Products.

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  3. BELOIT Bomgaars NOW OPEN

    BELOIT Bomgaars NOW OPEN

    BELOIT Bomgaars NOW OPEN

    The new #Bomgaars in Beloit, Kansas is NOW OPEN! We’ll celebrate with a proper Grand Opening May 13th thru the 16th, but we wanted to let you know we have what you need right now. For projects around the home we have chainsaws and trimmers, blowers and more… plus all the power equipment and DeWalt power tools you need. We’ve got your ag supplies like sprayers and tanks, panels and gates, fencing, feed and tack. Not to mention hardware, tools, automotive and pet supplies too. When it’s time to relax, you’ll find a selection of grills and smokers, hunting and fishing gear. PLUS there’s all the clothing; work & casual for men & women, plus footwear too! So, come stop by Bomgaars at 1026 North Independence Ave. in Beloit and you’ll see we have…“What You Need, When You Need It, at Bomgaars!” #BomgaarsNowOpen #shopbomgaars #bomgaarskansas

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    Lyons Grand Opening

    April 8, 2021 - April 11, 2021
    Normal Hours: Monday-Saturday - 7:30 AM - 8 PM, Sunday 9 AM - 6 PM
    1212 W Main St, Lyons, Kansas

    You’re invited to the OFFICIAL Grand Opening of the new Bomgaars store in Lyons! The Bomgaars Grand Opening Extravaganza runs 4 BIG DAYS - ALL day Thursday thru Sunday - with more than 12 thousand dollars in FREE PRIZES and great sales on the things you need in every department. While you shop the bargains, you can register to win the GRAND PRIZES – like a full DEWALT workshop valued at over $4200!! Stop by the store this week or go to for details. The Bomgaars Grand Opening at 1212 West Main Street in Lyons runs all day, Thursday thru Sunday! We’ll see you there! “What You Need, When You Need It, at Bomgaars!”

    Lyons Grand Opening
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    Bomgaars Grand Openings April 2021
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  6. Bomgaars | April Bomgaars Feed Special

    Bomgaars | April Bomgaars Feed Special
    April Bomgaars Feed Special
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