Bomgaars Battery Policy

Please help us in doing our part to keep our environment clean!

Bomgaars Battery Core Exchanges

Sku Battery Type Core Exchange Value
004-7804 Cycle / ATV & Personal Watercraft $8.00
004-7797 L & G - Utility $9.00
004-7789 Automotive / LT Truck, Marine & Irrigation $16.00
004-7771 H.D. Duty Commercial / Tractor & Golf Cart $26.00
004-7763 X.H.D. Commercial 4D & 8D Only $46.00

All Bomgaars Batteries are priced with a Battery Exchange. If an exchange battery is not available at the time of purchase of a Bomgaars Battery, a core charge will be charged at the time of purchase and refunded when the corresponding core is returned with receipt.

To receive the Full Core Exchange Value, the Core being exchanged must be of the same Core Exchange Group.

If a core is exchanged of lesser value, the Core Exchange refund will be for the value of the Core being exchanged, not the value of the Core charged. If your Core Exchange is of greater value, the Core Exchange will be for the value of the Core charged only.

Bomgaars Junk Battery Purchase

Help the environment by removing junk batteries from storage. Junk Battery Purchase Amount will be in the form of a Bomgaars Gift Card. Thanks for your help.

Sku Battery Type Junk Battery Value
004-8993 Cycle / ATV & Personal Watercraft $2.50
004-9008 L & G - Utility $3.00
004-9016 Automotive / LT Truck, Marine & Irrigation $9.00
004-9024 H.D. Duty Commercial / Tractor & Golf Cart $13.00
004-9032 X.H.D. Commercial 4D & 8D Only $18.00