Bomgaars BLOG: Are you on Mole Patrol?

Posted on 04/27/2020 at 01:48 PM by Kris Kegerize

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Bomgaars BLOG: Are you on Mole PATROL?

The snow is gone, weather is warming, ground is thawing, and we are all excited to enjoy the yard.  Taking care of your lawn yourself isn’t difficult if you understand some basics.
How do you know if you have moles?
Walking around your yard?  Is it green, weed free and smooth?  Finding raised turf that looks like or has tunnels in it?  Can you stomp them down and get the turf back in place…most likely moles.  Moles tunnel in the root zone of your grass.  Moles dig around looking for insects, mainly grubs and worms.  Moles will scan the root zone looking for insects using one tunnel as the main path to food and their deeper resting place.  The main tunnel is the one that no matter how many times you step on it, it keeps coming back.  Moles travel down the main tunnel and scan areas off the main tunnel to feed, thus making an area of raised, tunneled turf.  Moles usually live alone except to breed.  There may be 3-5 moles per acre.
Mole Max
How do you control moles?

Bonide MoleMax is a granular repellent for moles.  MoleMax is granulated clay with castor oil.  MoleMax is applied with a fertilizer spreader to the lawn and watered in to release the castor oil into the soil.  As the mole digs through the soil scanning for insects it comes in contact with the castor oil getting it on its fur.  When the mole cleans itself, not only does it ingest the castor oil, the smell deters them as well.
Best practice in controlling moles is to determine where the moles are causing damage to the lawn and apply Bonide MoleMax in sections over a few days this allows the mole to find a way out of your lawn.  For example, if they are in the front yard, you would start applying next to the house.  Apply MoleMax 3-5 widths of the spreader and water in.  In a couple days apply 3-5 widths of the spreader again and water in.  This method allows the mole to find a way out of the lawn and away from the house.  Repeat until the area is covered.  If you apply the whole lawn in one day, the mole will not know which way is out and dig up more area trying to find a way out.  MoleMax Liquid Ready-to-Spray is applied by hooking to a hose and spraying a portion of the lawn over a few days.  This will allow the mole to find its way out of the lawn.  Once the moles are gone, maintain a 10-12-foot perimeter around the yard to keep them out.
people and pet safe
MoleMax granule and Ready-to-Spray are both natural and biodegradable.  Reapply about 45-50 days for sandy soil and 60-65 days for clay soil.  Once MoleMax has been applied, watered in and dry, pets and children can be in the yard.  MoleMax is labeled, “People & Pet Safe”.
people and pet safe
Moles move into a lawn looking for food.   They travel along their main tunnel and dig out from the main tunnel to find insects.  Some common areas moles are found, in lawns with grub infestations, under bird feeders as insects eat spilled bird seed, under nut trees as insects feed on the nuts.  Grubs are the preferred food for moles, but they do eat worms and other insects.  To control grubs and feeding moles use Bonide Annual® Grub Beater.  Apply with a fertilizer spreader and water in to activate in the grass roots and soil.  One application lasts the whole season.  Best applied late June or early July when beetles are laying eggs.  When grubs hatch they eat the treated grass roots and are controlled.
Mole traps are used in the mole’s main tunnel.  Pull the dirt away, set and insert the trap.  Gently cover the tunnel back up and wait.

Killing moles requires finding the main tunnel.  When the main tunnel is identified, open a small hole and insert the Revenge® Mole & Gopher Killer and gently fill in the hole.
smoke bomb
Using Revenge Rodent Smoke Bombs is another way to kill moles.  Again, find the main tunnel and dig a small hole to insert the lit and smoking bomb, insert smoking end first and cover up the hole.  The smoke will fill the tunnels and asphyxiate the moles.  Be watching the yard for escaping smoke in other tunnels.

Enjoying the lawn after moles
Mole tunnels can leave some spots that get scalped by the lawn mower.  Stomp the tunnels down and put some grass seed on those spots to fill in the grass.


Enjoy your Lawn!

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