Bomgaars BLOG: Daily HOG Care

Posted on 02/29/2020 at 06:27 PM by Kris Kegerize

Pig Day - Daily Hog Care


Bomgaars BLOG: Daily Hog Care

March 1, 2020 is #PIGDAY :)  so #Bomgaars is celebrating with a BLOG and a few In-Store Specials

Skin and hair on show swine is extremely important. Many steps are taken to assure the pig has a glow or shine about them before they head to the show. It all starts at home the first day they arrive at your home. A well-designed pen will have a cover and warm place for the pig to go. Ensure the pen is cleaned daily so the pig will not lay in a dirty spot that might stain its hair over time. Bedding preferred is white pine shavings, to ensure extra padding in the pen, and also because it is absorbent for all of the waste from the pig. Some of the natural oils in the shavings also aid in keeping skin soft and preventing staining. A shot of Ivermectin (available at your local Bomgaars store) as external parasite treatment or prevention is advisable to assure they are not fighting any external mange or mites that can leave discolorations on skin behind ears, on legs and flanks.

Once a schedule is set and pigs are projected to go to certain jackpots or shows, it is time to step up your skin and hair care. At least 30 days or more before the show, pigs need to go on a bi-weekly wash schedule to rid them of dead skin and give them more luster. The use of gentle soaps, such as coconut based or whitening shampoos, will give the pigs a brighter shine without any additional sprays or lotions. To increase the natural shine of your pig, commercially made oil based sprays are available from Sullivans or Weavers that do an excellent job of adding oils back into the animals hide and giving a healthier look to the animal. Some other alternatives for providing a slick or shiny look are using conditioners and hand lotions to saturate the body of the pig and let it soak in.

Do not underestimate what good skin and hair can do to enhance your project pig. A show ring is the place to show off your hard work and try to win the top award. Making your animal look the best it can from a visual perspective and having the outer coating in pristine condition will always assure a better showing and possible placing. Good luck and keep those pigs clean and their skin hydrated!



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