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Bees and beekeeping Equipment are available at Bomgaars!

Bomgaars has everything you need for beekeeping. Whether you are just starting a hive or you're a well seasoned beekeeper, we've got you covered. Keep an eye on our weekly flyers for specials on beekeeping equipment and visit your local Bomgaars to order your bees. Bees are available to order at most locations but it is best to check your local store for details.

Bomgaars has Packs of Italian bees for sale through February 29th.  Price 199.99.  Ask about ordering bees in any of our stores. (there are roughly 10,000 bees per pack, this is plenty for a hive that being said there is a death rate on this being shipped-still will be plenty for a hive - read below for more details on the death rate).

Also we carry full line of Little Giant beekeeping supplies.  Everything you need to start and maintain a bee hive, including hive boxes, safety equipment, and honey harvesting equipment.

For more information on beekeeping and your bees, read the information below from Miller Manufacturing.

What should I do while I am waiting for my bees to arrive?

  • Because you have purchased live bees, it is assumed you have already checked your local laws and regulations to be sure you can keep bees on your property but if you haven’t, now is a good time to check.
  • Choose a location for your hive(s). Most experts agree a sunny location is best. It is also important to consider safety (Is it close to a path that people walk? Are there other animals chained or penned nearby who might be spooked or stung? Can the hive be easily knocked over? ) Convenient access should also be considered – the beekeeper will need to access the hives regularly. The hives should be somewhere that is easily accessible by a vehicle or cart that can help carry the full, heavy honey supers at harvest time. If possible, a location near a water source (creek, pond, etc.) would be ideal
  • Prep your hive(s) by painting or staining (the exterior only – leave the interior unfinished). An exterior latex paint works best. Avoid dark colors like black or navy, as they will trap more heat in the summer. Have fun choosing bright colors or a fun design for your hive!
  • Choose your feeding method and have the feeders ready to go. Will you use a bucket feeder, entrance feeder or frame feeder?
  • A few days before your bees are scheduled to arrive, mix a batch of sugar water so you will have it on hand to load your bees and give them their first feeding. The sugar water should be a 50/50 mix of sugar and water, so be sure you have enough white table sugar on hand to make at least a couple of gallons of sugar water per hive.
  • Read about bees and beekeeping to learn as much as you can before your bees arrive!

When will my bees ship?

All bees will ship on between April 13-18, 2019. They will ship direct to you from Kelley Beekeeping in Clarkson, Kentucky. Shipment method this year is UPS NEXT DAY AIR. If customers have issues, they need to contact Kelley Beekeeping Customer Service at 1-800-233-2899 

Kelley Beekeeping will make every effort to make the shipment as scheduled. Bees are live animals, and sometimes there are conditions (weather, for example) that make it unsafe for shipping the bees. If conditions become unfavorable and we cannot ship within seven (7) days of scheduled shipping date, you will be contacted.

How many bees are in a package?

Approximately 10,000 worker bees (3 lbs.) and one marked queen are in each package. It is common to experience some loss of bees during the shipping process. This loss can be up to 1,000 bees resulting in 1-1 ½” of dead bees on the bottom of the package.

Is my package damaged?

It is normal (unfortunately) to have up to 1½” of dead bees in the bottom of a package of bees. These bees are banged out of boxes and poured through funnels before the hazards of transport. Our supplier shakes more than 3 lbs. of bees into each package to cover expected loss in transit. We must be notified of any damages within 24 hours of receiving the damaged shipment.

The photos at left below show packages with a normal amount of dead bees (less than 1½”), which is not replaceable.  The photos at right show packages in which there is a level of dead bees that would warrant replacement.

Bee packaging - dead vs live bees

Care of the package on Arrival:

If weather conditions are poor when the package of bees arrives, you can hold the package for several days in a dark room or basement where the temperature is close to 50° F. You should feed the bees in the package by using a clean spray bottle to mist the screen lightly with a 50/50 mixture of sugar and water. If you do not do this, the sugar syrup in the can shipped with the package can go dry and your bees will starve. Bees die of heat quickly -- do not leave them in the sun or in a place that is hot.  

Care and Installation of Package Bees

It is best to install the package in a hive in the later afternoon. This helps prevent drifting.

Three important points:

  1. Feed package bees heavily until the colony is well established – for at least the first few weeks after installation. Sugar and water mixed in a ratio of 1 part water to 1 part sugar, or high fructose corn syrup works well. Consider using a feeding stimulant like Honey B Healthy that is added to your sugar water.
  2. Keep entrances reduced to a small size until the colony is well established. This prevents robbing and conserves heat.
  3. Do not add supers or a second hive body until the bees have drawn out and cover 7 of the 10 frames.

You might also want to feed your bees pollen after installation. A pollen substitute is sold in stores!

For more information, please watch our video called “I Brought My Bees Home… Now What?” on our Miller Manufacturing YouTube Channel, here:

Kelley Beekeeping Policies & Guarantees:

When you order live bees online, by phone, via email, in person, or by mail you agree to the following policies, contract terms, conditions, limitations and exceptions:

You agree that Package Bees and the risk of loss of the package and queen it contains become the responsibility of the customer at the time of delivery to the customer or customer's address.

Package Bees that are shipped within postal zones 1-4 are guaranteed to not have more than 1½” of dead bees (when spread evenly across the bottom of the package) upon delivery to customer or customer's address. Anything shipped past postal zone 4 is solely at the risk of the customer. You agree that you will not refuse shipment or attempt to recover the cost of your order if it arrives in poor condition. If shipment is refused, we will not replace dead or damaged package bees.

If a shipment arrives with all or nearly all of the bees dead or the package is damaged (with more than 1½” of dead bees spread evenly across the bottom) then you agree to contact us within 24 hours of receiving the damaged shipment or this guarantee is void. We DO NOT refund any money for bees that are damaged in shipping. Kelley Beekeeping will replace only once a package of bees that arrives with the majority of bees dead. We require notification in writing on U.S. Post Office on letterhead stating that the shipment arrived dead and/or photos of both the dead package bees and the shipping label before we will replace your package bees. There is no charge for the replacement or for shipping charges to send the replacement bees

You understand that we do not guarantee that you will be able to successfully establish a colony or "hive" the package. You agree that you will not attempt to hold us responsible for whatever may happen to your package after it is delivered to you or for the survival or productivity of the hive that you may establish from the package. We do not refund any money for packages that do not survive after delivery.


If the package arrives and your queen is dead on arrival, but there are still live bees in the package, please still install the package and place into a hive with the dead queen in with the bees to hold them. Then report a dead queen and request a replacement.  We will ship you a new queen. There is no charge for the replacement. You agree to keep the dead queen with the bees and install the surviving bees into a hive as soon as possible in the usual fashion.

For packages which are structurally damaged, but the bees are not completely dead, please install them into a hive as usual after you have taken pictures or received proof of damage on US Postal letterhead.

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