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Posted on 05/13/2019 at 03:50 PM by Kris Kegerize

PetSafe Wireless Fence Solutions Contest

PetSafe Wireless Fence Solutions


Training your pet to a containment system:


Step 1: Flag Recognition

All pets are different, so it's important to be patient with yourself and your pet. Some pets may understand the training quickly, and others may take more time. Paying attention to your pet while you are going through the training and having patience will ensure you both enjoy years of freedom and safety.

The goal of phase 1 training is to familiarize your pet with the boundary flags, boundary, tone, and correction. You will introduce your pet to the tone and the static correction and teach your pet where it happens.


  • Turn your pet’s receiver collar on and set it to level 1, the tone only setting. If your collar does not have a tone only setting, do not place the collar on your pet during this phase of training.
  • Place the receiver collar on your pet’s neck or simply hold the collar near enough for your pet to hear the beeping of the collar during training. 
  • Put a separate non-metallic collar on your pet’s neck ABOVE the receiver collar and attach a leash.
  • Note: Be sure the extra collar does not put pressure on the contact points.

Familiarizing Your Pet With the Boundary Flags

  1. Begin by having some play time with you pet, making it fun for your pet.
  2. Walking your pet on a leash in the pet area.
  3. Move towards the boundary flags. Allow your pet to hear the warning tone, then lead your pet back into the containment area quickly. Praise your pet when he leaves the boundary zone.
  4. Repeat this process at several different boundary flags.
  5. Continue the training until your pet resists going near the boundary flag.  It may help to say "no" if your pet attempts to go near the flags. 
  6. Work with your pet in 15 minute increments. Have about 3 training sessions per day. 

Introducing Your Pet to the Static Correction

  1. With the collar on your pet and in the "on" position, walk your pet on a leash in the pet area.
  2. Calmly praise and talk to your pet.
  3. Allow your pet to move toward the boundary flags.
  4. When your pet enters the warning zone, the receiver collar will activate and start beeping. As your pet continues past the flags into the static correction zone, he will receive a static correction.
  5. Immediately after your pet receives a correction, lead him back into the pet area. Praise him warmly and keep very calm body language. 
  6. Repeat this process at several different boundary flags. Never pull or call your pet into the static correction zone.


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PetSafe on sale - 269.99

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