Adams Plus Flea & Tick Carpet Spray, 100519880, 16 OZ

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Adams Plus Flea & Tick Carpet Spray 16 Ounces Adams Plus Flea & Tick Carpet Spray kills adult fleas, hatching flea eggs, flea larvae, ticks, roaches, ants, water bugs, silverfish, crickets, spiders, sowbugs, and carpet beetles. It contains an Insect Growth Regulator (IGR) along with other ingredients to kill the adult fleas and prevent flea larvae from developing into biting adults. It reaches the hiding places of the flea: rugs, carpets, drapes, pet bedding, upholstery, and furniture. When applied at the maximum rate, one treatment protects for 7 months.


  • Kills fleas, ticks, flea eggs, and flea larvae in your home, prevents flea infestations
  • A single 16 oz can covers 2,000 square feet
  • 7 month protection; starts working on contact
  • Leaves no lingering odor, no stains, and no sticky mess; water based
  • For use on carpets, rugs, drapes, upholstered furniture, pet bedding and indoor kennels
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More Information
Product Name Adams Plus Flea & Tick Carpet Spray, 100519880, 16 OZ
Online Item 21162
Bomgaars SKU 06482856
Size 16 OZ
Product Types Flea, Tick & Pest Control
Part Number 100519880
Animal Type Household Pets
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