Photo Requirements

The following are image, copy and logo requirements for marketing for Bomgaars. Please read carefully.


High resolution images at least 5 inches in the smallest dimension at 300 DPI (dots per inch). Do not re-sample images to larger pixels dimensions to try to increase image resolution.


Images saved in RGB or CMYK mode can be saved in an EPS, TIF or Jpeg formats. Images can't be captured or used from a website as these are 72 DPI images meant for websites only. Bomgaars operates on a Macintosh network. Placing Images in Microsoft Word, Power Point, Microsoft Excel or PDF files and sending them are not usable images for printing or Web.

Bomgaars SKU number and product copy is required when submitting photos. Photos being submitted must be named by the Bomgaars SKU number.

Mail to:

Attn: Marketing Dept.
1805 Zenith Drive
Sioux City, Iowa 51103

Acceptable Formats (image, logos and copy) 

JPG, GIF, PNG, TXT, and DOC unless otherwise noted.

Acceptable Media

CD, DVD or provide via FTP site.

If using FTP please email the following information to our Marketing Department:
User Name
File Name


Brand and/or manufacturing logos are required for all products as vector art files.

Bomgaars requires both color and black & white logos.