In-Store Nursery Guarantee

(Pertaining to this Growing Season)

Bomgaars is pleased to offer a seasonal guarantee on the hardiest, highest-quality nursery stock available.

  • Please have your receipt

  • Please leave the plant in the ground a minimum of 60 days.

  • If you return the dead evergreens, trees, shrubs, or roses by September 30th of this year, we will give you full merchandise in-store credit toward replacement plants for the following spring. If the replacement is a more expensive item, the customer pays the difference.

  • If you return proof of the dead evergreens, trees or shrubs by next spring, we will only be able to guarantee 50% of the value. Roses are not guaranteed after September 30th of this year.

  • We are not able to guarantee the growth of discounted, closeout, animal, herbicide, or mower/trimmer damaged plants.

  • Annuals & perennials are guaranteed to be viable at time of sale.

  • This guarantee is limited to low percentages of plant failure. Higher percentages of failure need to be resolved with store management as to cause of plant failure.