DEWALT Reusable Cooling Face Masks, 2-Pack, DXPE2502142

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Tired of wearing that hot face mask that keeps steaming up your safety glasses Then the DeWalt Reusable Cooling Face Masks is exactly what you need! With a double layer cooling fabric you will stay cool and protected! Not to mention comfortable; with the stretch in the cooling fabric it will fit nicely around the form of your face. But what about the steamed up glasses issue? Well these reusable masks have a wired nose for a custom fit, this is not commonly found on reusable masks! Custom fit the mask around the bridge of your nose to keep your breath inside the mask and from seeping up and steaming up your glasses blocking your view.


  • Double layer cooling fabric
  • Comfort stretch fabric
  • Wired nose custom fit
  • 2 masks included in black
  • One size fits most
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More Information
Product Name DEWALT Reusable Cooling Face Masks, 2-Pack, DXPE2502142
Online Item 21815
Bomgaars SKU 02170340
Product Types Face Masks
Part Number DXPE2502142
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