BONIDE: Mole & Vole Problems?
Gopher, Mole, Skunk, Armadillo

Ridges formed in soft, moist earth and volcano-shaped mounds of finely pulverized soil with holes in the center are sure signs of a mole invasion. These pests are insectivores, not rodents; they don’t go after plants as food, but damage them while tunneling for insects and earthworms. About 5 to 7 inches long, moles have dark, velvety fur, a pointed snout, no visible ears or eyes, and outward-pointing claws for digging.

Surface feeding burrows (the ridges you’ll see) are used for short periods and may be abandoned soon after excavation; main runways are usually 8 to 18 inches below ground level. Most species are solitary. There’s often an eruption of activity in summer, as young moles, driven out to fend for themselves, dig new tunnel systems.

Target: Soil-dwelling insects, earthworms.

Damage: Plants are heaved from the ground, roots are severed, and lawns are disfigured.

Control: Repellents, Moletox II, Grub Control.

Notes: Eliminating grubs that feed.

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