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  1. KleenUP Weed & Grass Killer

    KleenUP Weed & Grass Killer
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  2. Strong Animals with Essential Oils

    Strong Animals with Essential Oils
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  3. Celebrate BBQ Month with Bomgaars

    Celebrate BBQ Month

    From gas to pellet grills and the emerging flattops, the grilling process is unique to each person. You may prefer a hearty, bloody steak while your significant other must have it well done and partially charred. No matter how your family and friends enjoy your food, grilling temperatures are essential to know and master. Here are some quick tips to ensure each plate of grilled food comes out fantastic!

    First, get a meat thermometer. Better to be safe than sorry, after all. How do you use this strange contraption? Simple, stick it deep into the center of your meat. Once it has reached the minimum temperature (see below), then continue however you wish. Be sure to take the temperature of both sides. If you ever wonder what the temperature settings are, check the manual that came with your grill.

    Minimum Temperatures:

    • Beef (or Turkey) Burgers: 165ºF
    • Chicken: 165ºF
    • Pork: 145ºF
    • Rare Steaks: 135ºF
    • Medium-Rare Steaks: 140ºF
    • Well Done Steaks: 150ºF

    Remember: Chicken (and pork) should never be cooked rare. A common cause of food

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  4. Snake Stopper: Snake Repellent by BONIDE

    Snake Stopper: Snake Repellent by BONIDE
    Snake Stopper: Snake Repellent by BONIDE
    Snake Stopper: Snake Repellent by BONIDE

    SNAKE STOPPER™ 4 lb. Dust 4 lb Shaker Container

    The Snake Stopper by Bonide is the perfect house guard from snakes, lizards, iguanas, and other reptiles. The formula used to create the granules does not act as a poison, and it will not harm the animals. It is safe to use this product around areas where children play as long as it is used as directed. It is perfect for keeping out reptilian animals as the scent deters them and keeps them away from the area. This product works on poisonous snakes, but do not attempt to touch or interact with the animals directly unless you have been properly trained to do so.


    • Repel snakes from lawns, gardens,
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    Apply now at Bomgaars


    Starting Wage $18.00/hr.

    Duties Include Local Pick-Up and Delivery, Shag Trailers, Shipping Dock Work
    No Overnights - All Local Deliveries
    Up to 50 lb. Lifting, Class-A CDL & DOT approved certification required.
    Benefits include group health insurance including dental, vision and life insurance, 401K, paid time off, retail store discount, and paid holidays.
    Plus Quarterly Attendance Bonuses.
    Post offer drug screening required.


    Apply online > or in person at 1805 Zenith Dr. Sioux City, IA

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  6. Bomgaars LIVE Meatbirds Chat | May 17th at 6PM

    Bomgaars LIVE Meatbirds Chat

    Join #Bomgaars LIVE TUESDAY, May 17th at 6 PM CST for a Facebook LIVE Meatbirds Chat with our Friends at Nutrena® #BomgaarsLiveChat #Nutrena


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