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Posted on 11/11/2021 at 12:02 PM by Amanda Oberman

Turn Back that Clock!


Winter is coming, and colder weather is setting in. We've set our clocks back to enjoy an extra hour of sleep, even if just for that day. With our change in schedules, we have some other changes that come with this. So, while we begin to huddle ourselves in for the coming months, it's time to do some routine maintenance. Better now than when it's even colder!

  • Check your SMOKE ALARMS / CO Detectors
    • Fresh batteries are a must!
      • Bomgaars carries name brand batteries from Duracell, Energizer and Rayovac.
    • Fire deaths happen in homes where the smoke alarms aren’t working (or aren’t there in the first place). Use Daylight Savings Time as your reminder to check your home.
      • Kidde has a great assortment of Co2 and Fire Alarms all available at your local Bomgaars store
  • Replace your AIR FILTERS
    • Use Daylight Savings time as a reminder to switch out your filter - leaving in a filthy filter is a fire hazard and prevents your heat from working as well as it could.
      • 3M Furnace filters are available at your local Bomgaars store
  • Check your GUTTERS
    • Cleaning out all those dead leaves and debris  - so grab a ladder and take a peak... you never know what you'll find in the gutters from ole' man winter
      • If you are in the need of a Step Ladder or Extension Ladder Bomgaars can help!
      • Bomgaars also has a variety of Leaf Blowers from great brands such as DEWALT, Milwaukee, Echo or STIHL.
  • Check on your EMERGENCY KIT
    • Winter may soon be over - but now we are going to be thrown into the months that bring other such emergencies such as flooding and tornados.
    • Emergency Kits need to be built for your family - including some non-perishable food (canned food, bottled water, juices) and first-aid supplies (batteries, flashlights, candles, blankets, etc.).
    • We're sure some of you have some great ideas for Emergency Kits you can share on our Facebook Page!
    • NSC recommends you take unwanted or expired medicines to a prescription drop box or take-back event near you. NSC offers free Stericycle Seal & Send envelopes, so you can send your unwanted medication to be safely destroyed. (


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