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Posted on 11/02/2021 at 02:13 PM by Amanda Oberman

Bee Ready 2021 Pre-Orders

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DELIVERY: Mid-April - Late May
 (Customers will be notified directly by the vendor for specific delivery time/dates) 

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2021 Bee Package ORDERS

Bomgaars has chosen Queen Bee Acres this year to for our Bee supplier. Here is a bit of their story:

Our mission at Queen Bee Acres is to inspire new beekeepers to experience the pleasure of caring for honeybees, and also be successful building a healthy, strong apiary for yourself.  

More about us:

  • Queen Bee Acres is chemical free
  • The wax is naturally drawn
  • Queens are developed naturally and open mated
  • The heritage of the bees is mainly a cross of Italian, Carniolan, and Caucasian, making them gentle, heavy producers of honey, comb, and brood.
  • We use organic oils for strength and good health, thriving in the South Dakota weather.
  • The size of our bees are 4.9mm, making them more resistant to certain types of pests.
  • Our bees are registered with and inspected by the State of South Dakota Department of Agriculture annually.


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