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Posted on 09/03/2021 at 10:03 AM by Amanda Oberman

Bomgaars Celebrates Labor Day

Labor Day is typically shrouded in historical mist. We know it exists; most of us celebrate it in one form or another (or, sometimes, hear about all of our friends & family having the day off while we work). We know it has something to do with unions, but why do we celebrate workers?

Labor Day started in the 1800s amid the Industrial Revolution. If you think eight-hour days are long, imagine seven, 12-hour days to make ends meet. Even children around five and six years old would work, despite restrictions, to help fun the family. Started is putting it lightly, the origins of the holiday began twelve years before Congress legalized the holiday.

It's understandable to be confused about the holiday. There is still confusion about who exactly founded the holiday (was it McGuire or Maguire?). The first Labor Day also nearly ended up being a disaster

Yet, several riots, strikes, boycotts, & confused originators later, we got our national day for rest and fun. That's what labor day is about. It's about honoring those who work hard to make our nation great. It's about workers' rights (here's a nice list of those who've contributed to that goal). 

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