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Posted on 08/27/2021 at 08:45 AM by Amanda Oberman

Let's Go Shooting - Bomgaars

Shooting - after your first time going to a range, you're sure to want to do it again. That's why we supply everything from ammunition to shells to cases and more! However, if you're new to shooting, learning the basics and safety procedures is integral to having a good experience. Here are ways to find ranges, classes, as well as some tips for a newbie shooter.

Where can you find classes & shooting ranges?
There are many resources you can find with a quick Google search. Trying 'shooting range near me' or 'gun classes near me' for best results. Perhaps one of the better ones is Let's Go Shooting. When you scroll down, you can find a range and even enter into shooting matches. For classes, try Firearm Training NRA.

Click here for resources for youth, competitions, & shooting teams.

What general safety procedures should I follow?
Each range is different and will have slightly different rules. First and foremost, ask or check their Facebook page or website for more details. Despite this, follow the below rules no matter where you go:

  1. Act as if every gun is loaded to prevent misfiring.
  2. Don't point a firearm at someone or anywhere unsafe.
  3. Keep your finger off the trigger until you are ready to fire. Rest it on the trigger guard in the meantime.
  4. In outdoor ranges, be aware of the target & what's behind it. Be sure to keep shots in the "safe" shooting zone.

I'm new to shooting, any tips?

  1. Take time to find a gun & equipment you feel comfortable using.
  2. Take a training class & always ask questions when you're unsure of something or need help. Even if you're a veteran, it's good to brush up on your skills or help those new to the sport.
  3. Take your time. Whether you're lining up your shot or improving your skills, take your time. It isn't a race; there is no finish line.

Wait, I'm curious. How did shooting start?
While we were no strangers to guns before this, it was in 1960 that the National Rifle Association of the United Kingdom was founded. Shortly after, due to the poor aim during the American Civil War, the National Rifle Association of America started due to "veteran Union officers Col. William C. Church and Gen. George Wingate" (source: click here).

In the early 1900s, youth clubs adopted shooting into their teaching (such as 4-H & Boy Scouts), and clubs spread throughout America (like the U.S. Jaycees & NCAA). Now it's a well-loved sport & past time.

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