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Posted on 08/24/2021 at 12:07 PM by Amanda Oberman

Bomgaars Fall Clean Up

The summer months are hard on lawns and plants in Iowa especially this past year when we didn’t get much rain. During the hot weather your lawn uses a lot of nutrients from the soil. Fall lawn care is the ideal time to prepare your lawn, giving attention to the following tips below.

1. Feed Your Lawn
Not literally, it doesn't need your grilled hot dogs and burgers. But it will need around two rounds of fertilizer six to eight weeks apart. If you live up north, be sure to look for winter fertilizer to give your lawn the nutrients it needs. We carry a variety of fertilizers, including Scotts and MAXLawn, to fit your needs.

2. Let the Soil Breath
Aeration keeps soil from becoming compacted. Compacted means an area is covered with thatch, having too thick of a root system, and allowing debris that blocks water and nutrients from the ground. The fix is easy. Punch some holes through the thatch and bring up the plugs. Doing this not only lets the lawn breathe but will also help your fertilizer reach its roots.

3. Seed Your Lawn
It's the second part of the proverbial "feed & seed." Fall is a great time to add seed to those brown and bare patches. The days are still warm, and the nights are brisk. However, don't do this right after you've fertilized. Try a month after for the best results. Don't forget to water lightly once a day or as needed until they've grown into the regular mowing height.

4. Start Mowing the Grass Shorter
While it's probably not healthy to cut your lawn short right off the bat, lowering your mower with each round will allow you to get a shorter length without compromising health. The goal is to get the grass down one to two inches shorter than average. The shorter length will allow the grass to endure winter's cold, dry grasp.

5. Rake Often
Believe it or not, letting leaves stay on your lawn over the winter doesn't protect them. Leaves will block light and trap moisture (a recipe for fungal diseases and root rot). And yes, those leaves blown over from your neighbors' lawns count to so even if your trees are bare, keep raking! We carry a variety of rakes, blowers, and supplies. At the bottom of this article are a few items we wanted to feature for your fall cleanup adventure!

6. Continue Watering
The grass hasn't finished growing yet, and neither has that new grass seed you spread. Keep watering your lawn on a schedule. Naturally, the cooler weather may allow you to water less often. But don't forget to!

7. Clean Off That Gunk!
The leaves have (hopefully) stopped falling. The winter cold is beginning to set in. The lawn, for this year, no longer needs care. Now it's time to clean your lawn machines. Wash the gunk off your mower and empty its fuel. Don't forget your trimmer, blowers, or anything that has the unmistakable grime of dirt, leaves, and grass.

As your lawn care headquarters, we're dedicated to having what you need for your lawn when you need it (this fall). Below are a few items we wanted to feature for your fall cleanup adventure!

Lawn/Leaf Paper Bags.    Glad Quick-Tie Lawn Bag

MAXLAWN Fall Lawn Food 5M SQ FT      MAXLAWN Fall Lawn Food 15M SQ FT

32 Gallon Outdoor Trash Can       Cushioned Grip Poly Leaf Rake


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