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Posted on 08/23/2021 at 06:00 AM by Kris Kegerize

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A hardy mixture of ph tolerant cold season perennials that can last several years and provide nutrient rich forage for your deer and turkey. With a variety of chicory and two varieties of clover, hot chic is a highly sought after deer forage that has the ability to tolerate acidic soils, withstand drought and crowd out potential weed competition. Hot chic is perfect for helping to establish a brand new food plot location and is best maintained by fertilizing and periodic mowing. Hot chic sets itself apart because of it’s ability to handle the heat in the south and the cold in the north, all while providing premium levels of nutritious forage that is highly attractive to your deer. Hot chic is a must for every hunting property. For Addition Info Visit Domain Oudoor >


Loaded with a mixture of cold season perennials and annuals, this protein-rich, tonnage producing clover mix is designed for year-round food production and attraction for deer and turkey. By combining special varieties of clover and alfalfa we have created a perennial mix that will establish quickly and last up to 5 years. Comeback kid contains 4 special varieties of clover and 1 variety of alfalfa to create an absolute deer magnet providing forages with protein levels above 30%. When your clover plants begin to flower it signals their maturity, making it a great time to mow the plot down to 6-8”. Periodic mowing helps eliminate unwanted weeds and generates re-growth of the clover and alfalfa, keeping them strong and healthy. It’s during this growth stage that your comeback kid food plot will provide the highest level of nutrition and deer activity. Comeback kid is designed to be the foundation of your food plot program, as it provides the backbone of deer nutrition with it’s high protein forages, will be the first to germinate in the spring and is extremely cold tolerant into the dead of a northern winter…comeback kid can play an integral role in the health of your herd and the success of your food plot program.


No bs food plot mix is the perfect food plot mix if you don’t have heavy equipment to assist with your food plot preparation. Make sure your ph is right and work to rough up the soil with hand tools or a garden rake. This will help remove leaves and debris to ensure proper seed to soil contact, improving germination, root development and the overall success of your food plot. No bs contains varieties of oats, clover, forage rape, radish and chicory and is designed to establish quickly and attract deer to those hard to get to stand locations back in the woods. Finally a “no till mix” with zero “fillers, that doesn’t require heavy equipment and is an absolute deer magnet. Additionally, no bs was designed so that it can be planted in the spring or fall, offers both protein and energy sources and includes perennials, so even in a “no till” environment can last up to 2 years with proper maintenance. While it can be highly successful as a “no till mix”, no bs is more than that…it’s a show-stopping hunt plot and can also be planted with equipment…this is not your normal “throw and grow”.

Packed with vitamins and minerals to support growth and immune system health.


Domain’s recharge deer mineral is a specially formulated mineral-based multi-vitamin supplement designed to support growth and immune system health. Enhanced with berry infused flavoring and aroma, recharge is highly digestible and provides maximum nutrient availability and absorption. Recharge offers your deer herd a well-rounded mineral and vitamin supplement to support overall herd health and can play a key role in your year round deer management program. Pour one bag of recharge deer mineral directly on the ground or an old stump and refresh every 2-3 weeks. Greatest consumption will occur from march through august as antlers and fawns are growing, although it is recommended to offer it free-choice on a year round basis.

  • Ingredients:
  • Calcium - 16.80% phosphorus - 5.00% salt - min: 27.00% max: 32.00%
  • Also includes key ingredients such as magnesium, potassium, cobalt, copper, iodine, manganese, selenium, zinc, vitamin a, vitamin d-3 and vitamin e.

Weight: 10 lbs.

This product may be fed on the ground or in an appropriate feeder. This is balanced feed/mineral should be offered to deer on a free-choice basis as a supplement to the conservation program.

***do not feed to sheep or other copper-sensitive animals - not for human consumption - offer this product in accordance with local wildlife laws***

Domain Outdoor is available at SELECT Bomgaars locations - see stores for details.

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