Bomgaars BLOG: Smokeless FirePit

Posted on 08/17/2021 at 08:27 AM by Kris Kegerize

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The Smokeless Fire Pit is perfect for...

Dragon Fire Pit Uses

Fire Pit Bundle

The dual wall Fire Pit Bundle perfect for relaxing in your backyard or any outdoor spot.


  • Portable dual-wall fire pit
  • Deflector ring
  • Fire pit stand
  • Spark screen
  • All-weather cover

Dimensions: 15 inch height x 23.5 inch x 23.5 inch
Weight: 31.0 lbs


  • Steel material with heat resistant finish 

  • Uses firewood, cardboard, or hardwood to fuel the fire

  • Easy to set up, use, and clean

  • Lightweight design allows for easy transportation and storage

  • Eliminate sparks and embers from escaping with steel spark screen

  • Accommodates 16-inch logs

  • 100% polyester weatherproof cover easily slides on and off and protects the fire pit when not in use

Download the Owners Manual (English)




  1. Air enters the fire pit through the diamond vent holes located on the base of the fire pit.
  2. Air circulates below the wood and also through the dual wall.
  3. Air exits through the top vent holes, forcing the smoke to circulate back into the fire pit.

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