Temp-iQ Dickies Denim Carpenter Jeans | Now available at Bomgaars

Posted on 02/09/2021 at 01:15 PM by Kris Kegerize

Dickies Temp-iQ Denim Carpenter Jeans

Warming Temp-iQ® denim is engineered to reduce the effect of cold weather without the bulk. Innovative warming technology in this fabric allows you to stay warm and comfortable all day long. Breathable, flex fabric offers the ultimate mobility.

Temp-iQ LiningTemp-iQ Denim

Constructed with advanced Temp-iQ technology, our pants, shirts and shorts offer continuous cooling solutions to prevent you from overheating when your core body temperature is on the rise. This innovative dual action technology is designed to maintain your ultimate comfort by actively cooling you down while wicking away moisture.

Temp-iQ Jamie at WorkTemp-iQ Jamie at Work

Now available at your local #Bomgaars store!

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