FlockShield™ - promotes gut health & boosts bird immune systems

Posted on 05/28/2019 at 02:27 PM by Kris Kegerize


FlockShield healthy flock support promotes gut health and boosts bird immune systems.

Heathy flocks have a strong immune system

  • Over 60% of a bird's immune system is found in the gut of the bird
  • FlockShield™ healthy flock support
  • Helps maintain a strong gut inside the bird
  • Supports the absorption of nutrients
  • It also supports birds in times of stress, such as:
    • Unpredictable weather
    • Changes in environment

What is in FlockShield healthy flock support?

A combination of proprietary functional ingredients including fermentation metabolites, listed on the label as yeast culture.

Which Nutrena NatureWise poultry feeds include FlockShield healthy flock support?

FlockShield is found in all complete poultry feeds in the NatureWise line, including:

  • Chick Starter-Grower
  • Medicated Chick Starter-Grower
  • Layer Pellet
  • Layer Crumble
  • Feather Fixer
  • Hearty Hen
  • All Flock
  • Meatbird

How do I know if my Nutrena NatureWise poultry feed contains FlockShield immune support?

If you're feeding Nature Wise complete poultry feeds, FlockShield healthy flock support is in the bag! FlockShield healthy flock support is listed as the first bullet point on our chick starter feeds and as the second bullet point on the front of any other complete feeds in our line. You can also look for our FlockShield icon on the front or back of NatureWise bags to learn more. FlockShield™ immune support is not found in our Scratch Grains product or our NatureWise Poultry Grit or Oyster Shell.

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