Vendor Partnerships

Bomgaars continues to develop and implement strategies for sales growth, and we have found that promotional partnerships have provided the keys to that success. 

Partnerships are scheduled at least 3 months in advance. Please contact the marketing department for additional information.

Television Vendor Partnerships

  • Television: We produce a 30 sec. spot to air on all 4 Sioux City broadcast networks plus one in western Nebraska, approximately 75 times, Tuesday through Friday, scheduled during your choice of 4 annual sessions.
  • Print Circulars: Your TV items featured on the top front of over 720,000 4 color flyers
  • Signage: Promotional In-Store Signs

You can share with one other non-competitive vendor OR use the full 30sec. SOLE VENDOR option.

  • Vendor Share: Only $3,500 (1/2 spot)
  • Sole Vendor: A bargain at $6,800
    (Price is approximately the actual cost of the air times)
  • 6+ Volume Discount: If you reserve 6 or more slots, the rate is reduced to BELOW COST:
    • Shared Spots: $3,300
    • Sole Vendor Spots: $6,500

Flyer Space Reservation Description & Rates

Bomgaars flyers are produced 47 times per year with a distribution of approximately 720,000 in 66 markets. They are 11"h x 10.5"w, heat-set 4-color on 35# paper with a gloss appearance.

For the 2014-15 fiscal year:

  • Charge for 2x3 Space Inside (15 max) = $275
  • Charge for 3x3 Space Inside (9 max) = $375
  • Charge for 2.25x2.75 Space Back Pg. (9 max) = $525
  • Charge for 2.5x3 Space Front Pg. (3 max) = $775
  • Charge for FULL INSIDE flyer pg. = $3,000
  • Charge for 4 Pg Center Pop-Up = $9,500

SOLE Vendor Wrap Description & Rates

The Bomgaars Wrap is a 4-Page special section (8"h x 10.5"w), wrapped around the outside of a Bomgaars flyer (11"h x 10.5"w) for enhanced access and visability. Bomgaars flyers are produced 47 times per year with a distribution of approximately 720,000 in 66 markets. 32 of these flyers have wraps. Some wraps are dedicated to Seasonal Specials, others feature specific vendor brands. They can be reserved as "Sole Vendor" or shared by 2 or more vendors of compatible products.

For the 2014-15 fiscal year:

  • SOLE VENDOR WRAP will be billed at $8,500. 
  • Charge for 2 Vendor Split will be $4,595 each (split front page)
  • Charge for 3 Vendor Split will be $3,285 each
  • Charge for 4 Vendor Split will be $2,625 each

Bomgaars Best Buy Flyer Partnership

The Bomgaars Best Buys Flyer is a single broadsheet (quarter or half-folded) with a distribution of approximately 720,000 in 66 markets. It is 21"h x 11"w, 4-color (on front & back, 35 lb. paper with a gloss surface. Sale is limited to FOUR DAYS, Thursday - Sunday in the third week of July.

  • Charge for 2.25x2.25" Space: $550
    (Line listings and ranges will comprise one space. Separate items will occupy separate spaces at $550 each)

SACK Partnership

Bomgaars currently orders approximately 1.8 medium sacks per year - sacks are ordered quarterly. That’s 1.8 million sacks per year potentially showcasing your company logo. We are opening this up to our top vendors at just $500 per quarter. This will be above and beyond coop dollars. 

Download Sack Vendor Agreement

Gift Card Tag Partnership

We currently order approximately 40,000 Gift Cards Backers per a year. (10,000 x 4) That’s potentially 40,000 gift card backers showcasing your company logo. Those vendors who choose to participate will have their logo displayed on the front of our Gift Card Tag, (On average, there will be 6 vendors per tag.)

Download Gift Card Backer Vendor Agreement

Internet / Social Media Partnership

We currently have approx. 100,000 customer visits on our website on any given month. We are offering our vendors the opportunity to partner with us by displaying a banner ad/vendor page, etc. on our website.

We are currently reviewing our Web Partnership Agreement 

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