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Constant Nutrition® Formulation - The High-Quality Nutrition Your Animals Need.

When 100,000,000 animals rely on your feed, like they do ours, you don’t cut corners. That’s why we use Constant Nutrition® Formulation in our feed products. It’s our assurance that your animals will get the consistent, high-quality nutrition they need.

Nutrition vs. Ingredients

It’s easy to understand what a basic ingredient is. We all know what corn looks like, for example. But the reality is that the nutritional content of a feed’s ingredients can vary widely for many reasons— quality of the land it’s grown on, length of growing season, amount of sunlight, rain—the list is endless.

Constant Nutrition® Formulation

At Purina, we use Constant Nutrition® Formulation. It’s a way of looking at the actual nutritional quality of an ingredient, as opposed to just the ingredient itself. It’s the only way to guarantee that your animals get the right nutrition time and time again.

Other Formulation Strategies

Fixed Formulation

Feed formulas that lock down a set percentage of ingredients—regardless of their nutritional quality— are known as fixed formulations. The feed tags on fixed formulations can be deceiving. The listed ingredients can look consistent on the tag, but could result in significant nutrient changes from batch to batch, which could lead to lower overall nutritional quality.

Least-Cost Formulation

Feed formulas that look ONLY at the price of the ingredients are known as least-cost formulations. Focusing purely on the price of ingredients doesn’t always lead to formulating consistent nutritional bags of feed.

Purina® Constant Nutrition® Formulation is our assurance that every bag of Purina® feed can give your animals the nutrition they need to be their best.